Climate justice works

Stronger organizations for a healthier planet


As a global community, we are facing an existential crisis due to planetary-scale, human-caused climate disruption. To change our trajectory in time to avoid the worst consequences, we need unprecedented and aligned community organizing, collaboration and solidarity.

Climate Justice Works partners actively with frontline community-based organizations and networks to improve their organizational infrastructure and management through strategic capacity building services. More than offering advice, we roll up our sleeves and take on projects to address your needs, support your team, and help make your organization stronger.


Needs Assessments

Assess infrastructure, systems and practices to identify improvement opportunities

System Design

Design and implement systems to increase operational effectiveness and reduce costs

Climate Justice Strategy

Build alliances and integrate climate justice-related goals into programmatic work


Lucy Bernard, Founder and Principal, has deep experience in nonprofit organizational management and development and in social justice movement building. She has helped spin off, found and lead several environmental sustainability and social justice organizations.

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